What’s on my loom?

For a weaver, it is sad to see a naked loom. And that’s what is happening now, no threads on the loom.

My efforts are currently focused on completing the finishing touches on the last couple of scarves just off the loom. Will post pictures when they are ready.

While I am finishing the silk scarves, I am also in design mode and pondering a couple of designs to thread on the loom.

First will be another scarf design, inspired by another designer, that uses satin weave, something I haven’t played with much. It’s time to grow some new skills in that area.

Another design I am exploring is for an upcoming exhibit that I hope will be happening in 2022. I belong to a complex weaver study group, and we are planning a themed exhibit later this year. Will update my website with information as soon as I can; the theme will be exciting, so stay tuned!

With the designing I am doing, I will also be doing samples, which is a swatch of fabric woven that helps determine the fibre, density, colours, and drape of the finished fabric. This is an important step when transforming designs from ideas to paper to handwoven fabric. When people ask how long it takes to weave something, they don’t usually consider the time invested in producing the samples, but it is all part of the fun of making and weaving.

Watch for photos of weaving samples coming soon!

Keeping a photo here of one of the scarves woven in 2021. New items coming in 2022.

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