You may be wondering how Deb Templeton, Unwoven, and Teagirl Silverweb Designs are related.

Along my life journey, at a place where I worked for many years, I organized a ‘tea group’ that numbered at least a dozen of us, mostly from North America, with one member from the U.K. We each took turns providing a ‘tea of the week’ for everyone in the group to try, and it was great fun to sip a cup of tea and hear the contributing member’s story about what they liked about their tea choice, which was then countered by the feedback and ratings of the group. Good times, and a nice escape on break to discuss The Tea. Over time the group ran through a natural lifecycle as people came and went, and eventually the group ended. From that group of wonderful tea fanatics, I adopted the name Teagirl.

In a virtual reality game, I used Teagirl as my avatar’s name (why not?), and one particular game assigned me the surname of Silverweb. That was years ago, and I loved it so much, that I continue to use Teagirl Silverweb as a ‘handle’.

Fast forward a few years to weaving session that resulted in me creating something I had never seen (or done) before, which I named an ‘unwoven’ (that’s another story for a different day). I wanted to open a business related to my interests and decided to name it Unwoven, based on my ‘unwoven’ (which is still hanging on my wall as a reminder that I really must do more ‘unwoven’ exploration someday.)

In designing a website for Unwoven, there were a lot of sites already using that name, although they were unrelated to my interpretation of ‘unwoven’. I was reminded that a website can be named anything I wanted to be, if it wasn’t already taken, and that it didn’t have to match the business name. And that is how TeagirlSilverwebDesigns.com was born, for my Unwoven business and information.

Although it might seem disconnected to some, I love how the world pulls together seemingly unrelated moments and serves them up to us, from time to time. And that is how it is for Unwoven, TeagirlSilverwebDesigns.com, and me (Deb) – the world has surfaced these 3 disconnected aspects, and here we are.


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